Project - Upper Pitt St

Small 2 bedroom Unit with original 50s built kitchen and no builtin wardrobes. Fitout to maximise space, storage and view. No ceiling lights throughout, so dropped pelmet in kitchen adds lighting over island bench as well as adding visual warmth to the space. TV tower discretely to corner to share view.
Hallway has corner cupboard opposite entry door - rounded off L shape to soften corner.

Cabinetmaker: Karmann Cabinets - Warriewood
White satin polyurethane and satin coated Walnut crown cut veneer
Appliances: Winning appliances Crows Nest - Miele, Panasonic, Franke
Stone: Set In Stone - Brookvale, 40mm Laminated Ice Snow Caesarstone
Glass: Beyond Glass - Narrabeen, 6mm toughened starphire "Hogbristle"
Paint: 100% Dulux Hogbristle satin, Ceiling White
Tiles: Amber Tiles - Chatswood, 300x300 limestone
Lights: Beacon Lighting - Belrose
Lounge: King Furniture - Chatswood